Human Design for Business

Management Through Human Design.

Business productivity is an important goal for any organization.  Human Design is becoming a cutting-edge tool to align staff in roles that take advantage of their inherent business skills.  We provide consulting services that help companies apply Human Design to improve staff morale and achieve lasting growth.

There are five Human Design Types.  Each of them has a specific set of skills for a business.  It is important to understand how a staff role is consistent with the Type of the individual filling it.  Moreover, there are specific talents, at the genetic level, that are revealed with Human Design to match people to the five fundamental business lines of: product, marketing, strategy, sales and management in addition to the sixth line, philanthropy.  We help companies identify these talents and align their staff accordingly.

Consulting services are provided to identify how to employ Human Design in your business — to add value for employees and customers, while improving productivity and growth.




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