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Human Design for Business

Management Through Human Design.

To illustrate how Human Design makes a difference to business performance we consider examples of how it manifests in key management positions.  Generally, people naturally gravitate to positions where their Designs fit and their business talents are recognized.  However, sometimes people fill inappropriate roles and could be more effective in positions that suit their Designs.  By knowing their Human Designs in a business setting, the Pearl, shifts can be made to improve effectiveness.  We offer services that help companies align their staffs to take advantage of the four attributes of the Pearl:  Talent, Culture, Brand and Essence that are found in all people.


The small business owner of an exercise studio is a Projector which makes her a natural guide.  She has a Generator as her session manager to give the studio its sustained activity.  The owner has the Human Design business talent of Sales and the manager has the talent of Product.  The combination of a Generator working for a Projector and Sales working with Product has resulted in an effective business.


A silicon valley startup offering advanced networking equipment is run by a well known entrepreneur with the talent of Product.  It explains his success at creating new high tech products that have attracted venture capital over the years.  His marketing director has the talent of Marketing which explains the steadily improving market presence of the company.


An engineering consulting company is owned by an entrepreneur with an undefined Self center which means he can readily adapt to the culture of his clients.  He has the talent of Philanthropy so that the firm has a reputation for adding value for its clients while creating an inviting work environment for its consulting employees.  The firm’s consulting manager has the talent of Management which explains why he is consistently asked back by clients to run large-budget engineering design projects and consequently expand the consulting practice.

A management consulting firm is run by an experienced consultant with the talent of Strategy.  This explains why the firm offers a successful corporate strategy product that creates practical management direction for public and private sector clients.  The CEO also has the Essence of Nature which explains why his company operates very effectively with seemingly little effort on his part.


Summarizing, many of the people in these examples are already in roles that are consistent with their Human Designs.  They illustrate the potential of placing people in positions that are aligned with their Human Design talents and thereby make a business more effective.

Business Examples of Human Design

Billy Graham


Billy Graham

Billy Graham, the well known Christian evangelist passed away this week.  He wrote a book about “heaven and hell” before his 97th birthday and would have been 100 this year.  He has been a celebrity since 1949 and his Human Design shows why.


He is a Manifesting Generator with a 2/4 profile.  He was constantly busy and had a consistent drive to get his message across with the channel of the Alchemist where he was a change agent that drove him to make life different for people in a direction that he knew was right.  The 2/4 helped him connect well with people, and once he became known he networked with famous people such as Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon.


Billy was a natural leader who was able to organize the many revivals and crusades he managed over the years with the  channel of the Alpha.  The many media and publishing outlets he set up are the result of the channel of the Prodigal where he was able to express his religious experiences effectively in a variety of ways.  These are leadership channels which made it easy for him to influence people to follow the religious activities that he presented. 


The creativity he demonstrated is driven by his dominant gate of Creativity and this is enhanced by the gate of Receptivity where he maintained a consistent direction in his life that he knew was correct.  These gates result in his life theme of the Sphinx where he creatively built a  legacy of influence that is consistent and lasting with the gate of Duration.


Billy has a somewhat surprising component in his Human Design with the channel of Enterprise.  He was able to instinctively know what people will buy from his services and create the business environment to deliver value to his audiences.  His net worth of $25 million explains how this channel helped him succeed financially.


His business talent is Philanthropy which explains why he was so active in helping people understand Christianity and how to live their lives successfully with this knowledge.  His brand of Passion explains his ability to seize the attention of his audiences.  Finally, the fame he created is shown by more than 3 million people who have taken advantage of his crusades.

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking


Stephen Hawking the famous physicist and cosmologist passed away this week.  He created theories about the nature of the universe including the creation of black holes.  His Human Design explains more about his ability to develop his theories.


Stephen was a Generator with a 3/5 profile.  He was constantly investigating new theories about the creation of the universe with the 3/5 and he had the energy to create a successful life even though he was held back by a motor neurone disease from his twenties.  He had a very active mind with a defined Mind center which explains the variety of theories he created.  It was activated by the channel of Abstract Thinking where he was constantly creating mental models of where the universe was going. 


He also had the channel of Mutation where he was presented with unexpected situations that he had to deal with and he used his significant creativity to deal with them.  Although he was physically disabled he had the energy to follow through on his actions with the channel of Power even though it was unconscious in him. 


With his dominant 54 gate of Ambition, Stephen had the drive to move his life forward and, although others with his disease had limited lives, he lived into his 70’s.  This created his life theme of Penetration where his constant scientific research influenced others by engaging with his writings and personal presentations.  It explains the fame he obtained as number 25 in the BBC poll of the 100 Greatest Britons.


Stephen Hawking contributed a great deal to the theories about the creation of the universe and it was wonderful that he lived to be able to complete his work.

Rudy Giuliani


Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, has been getting media attention as a legal representative for Donald Trump.  He has a history of being involved in difficult situations and has built his reputation with the Mafia Commission trial and reduction of New York crime among other events.  His Human Design shows how he moves in life.


Rudy is a Projector with a 2/4 profile.  He is a natural guide who needs recognition to feel that he is making progress.  He began his career as a lawyer but soon got into politics to get recognition.  The 2/4 makes him a private person who follows through on opportunities but does not want to be interrupted.  The passion he shows in speeches from this profile can be interpreted as anger as it was recently when he described the legal issues affecting Donald Trump.


He has the 41-30 channel of Recognition which gives him the emotional drive to make things better for society with a vision of accomplishment.  Obama also has this channel but he makes it work differently where he has a vision of social justice. Rudy also has the 37-40 channel of Community where he makes sure that fairness is used to support people in families and extended communities.


Rudy’s dominant 16 gate of Selectivity  helps him master the skills in his life and get the recognition he is after.  This comes with an exaltation which gives him the natural skill to judge any situation impartially, regardless of what others say.  His relatively open design also influences how he behaves through the conditioning he received from his family and others.


The fact that he was involved in controversial and sometimes dangerous situations, especially the Mafia trial, is explained by his open Spleen center.  He has no fear in his Human Design which made him fearless in following through on actions that he believed were important for the citizens of New York.  This included the focus on crime and overcoming opposition to improving child education.


Rudy’s life theme is Planning which gives him the enthusiasm to use logic and an organizational ability to  create solutions for society, express progress and achieve mastery.  He has always had this drive in  life and it became clear when he was elected mayor.


He continues to get media attention these days  as the key legal representative for Donald Trump and we will see how his fearlessness plays out.