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Human Design for Business

Management Through Human Design.

To illustrate how Human Design makes a difference to business performance we consider examples of how it manifests in key management positions.  Generally, people naturally gravitate to positions where their Designs fit and their business talents are recognized.  However, sometimes people fill inappropriate roles and could be more effective in positions that suit their Designs.  By knowing their Human Designs in a business setting, the Pearl, shifts can be made to improve effectiveness.  We offer services that help companies align their staffs to take advantage of the four attributes of the Pearl:  Talent, Culture, Brand and Essence that are found in all people.


The small business owner of an exercise studio is a Projector which makes her a natural guide.  She has a Generator as her session manager to give the studio its sustained activity.  The owner has the Human Design business talent of Sales and the manager has the talent of Product.  The combination of a Generator working for a Projector and Sales working with Product has resulted in an effective business.


A silicon valley startup offering advanced networking equipment is run by a well known entrepreneur with the talent of Product.  It explains his success at creating new high tech products that have attracted venture capital over the years.  His marketing director has the talent of Marketing which explains the steadily improving market presence of the company.


An engineering consulting company is owned by an entrepreneur with an undefined Self center which means he can readily adapt to the culture of his clients.  He has the talent of Philanthropy so that the firm has a reputation for adding value for its clients while creating an inviting work environment for its consulting employees.  The firm’s consulting manager has the talent of Management which explains why he is consistently asked back by clients to run large-budget engineering design projects and consequently expand the consulting practice.

A management consulting firm is run by an experienced consultant with the talent of Strategy.  This explains why the firm offers a successful corporate strategy product that creates practical management direction for public and private sector clients.  The CEO also has the Essence of Nature which explains why his company operates very effectively with seemingly little effort on his part.


Summarizing, many of the people in these examples are already in roles that are consistent with their Human Designs.  They illustrate the potential of placing people in positions that are aligned with their Human Design talents and thereby make a business more effective.

Business Examples of Human Design

Rudy Giuliani


Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, has been getting media attention as a legal representative for Donald Trump.  He has a history of being involved in difficult situations and has built his reputation with the Mafia Commission trial and reduction of New York crime among other events.  His Human Design shows how he moves in life.


Rudy is a Projector with a 2/4 profile.  He is a natural guide who needs recognition to feel that he is making progress.  He began his career as a lawyer but soon got into politics to get recognition.  The 2/4 makes him a private person who follows through on opportunities but does not want to be interrupted.  The passion he shows in speeches from this profile can be interpreted as anger as it was recently when he described the legal issues affecting Donald Trump.


He has the 41-30 channel of Recognition which gives him the emotional drive to make things better for society with a vision of accomplishment.  Obama also has this channel but he makes it work differently where he has a vision of social justice. Rudy also has the 37-40 channel of Community where he makes sure that fairness is used to support people in families and extended communities.


Rudy’s dominant 16 gate of Selectivity  helps him master the skills in his life and get the recognition he is after.  This comes with an exaltation which gives him the natural skill to judge any situation impartially, regardless of what others say.  His relatively open design also influences how he behaves through the conditioning he received from his family and others.


The fact that he was involved in controversial and sometimes dangerous situations, especially the Mafia trial, is explained by his open Spleen center.  He has no fear in his Human Design which made him fearless in following through on actions that he believed were important for the citizens of New York.  This included the focus on crime and overcoming opposition to improving child education.


Rudy’s life theme is Planning which gives him the enthusiasm to use logic and an organizational ability to  create solutions for society, express progress and achieve mastery.  He has always had this drive in  life and it became clear when he was elected mayor.


He continues to get media attention these days  as the key legal representative for Donald Trump and we will see how his fearlessness plays out.

Brett Kavanaugh


Brett Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh has been selected to be a member of the Supreme Court of the USA.  His Human Design shows his potential to be an effective member of the Court.


Brett is a Manifesting Generator with a 6/2 profile.  He is constantly busy and will do what it takes to follow through on his commitments.  He is a natural authority figure with the 6/2 and will ensure that he has a complete understanding of the issues he deals with. 


The 43-23 channel of Structuring gives him the ability to express his insights on legal issues from a different perspective.  He is constantly thinking about these with a defined Mind center.  To add to this he creatively arrives at potentially unique characteristics of recommendations with the 1-8 channel of Inspiration.  These recommendations can make him an agent of transformation with the 2-14 channel of the Alchemist. 


Brett has a significant potential to help improve legal issues at a personal level with the 19-49 channel of Sensitivity where he is able to dial into the emotions of others to see what can be done to make their lives better.  He also has the 37-40 channel of Community where he has the will to make sure that people are treated properly and with fairness.  This energy will be clear in his presentations.


Brett also has little fear with an almost open Spleen center.  He will ensure that his actions will be done correctly because he has the fear of failure as part of his work.  This will likely be clear in the nature of the legal issues he deals with directly.  He is also not easily influenced with a single definition connecting 7 of the 9 centers.  We will see his personal opinions in his judgements.


Probably the most significant feature of his Human Design is his life theme of Revolution where he has the energy to overcome injustice in the world.  With this his concern for fairness in the world is an ability to get people to recognize the importance of prosperity. 


It will be interesting to see how his appointment is dealt with in the Senate.  There is clearly a lot of opposition to his nomination and we will see if he is accepted by Congress.

Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison


Scott Morrison is the recently appointed Prime Minister of Australia.  His Human Design displays the abilities that he can apply to this important role.


He is a Generator with a 4/6 profile.  He has the energy to follow through on his commitments and the 4/6 makes him a friendly networker who easily connects with Australians and learns from the experiences to add to his knowledge and make him more effective.  This is enhanced by the channel of The Thinker where his active mind is always rationalizing life experiences to make things better for people.  This is enhanced by the channel of Structuring connecting the Mind center to the Throat where he describes insights into his current activity.


Scott also has the channel of Discovery where he carries out new actions to improve the country and feel good about it.  He has a strong sense of the importance of his actions with the defined Self center.   Also his activity is mostly intuitive with the channel of Involuntary Impulses where he quickly carries out important actions.  His fifth channel is the that of Connecting where he is a magnet for personal relationships and he has the emotional energy to relate with others effectively.


Although Scott is a politician he has several important aspects in the business component of his Human Design.  His business talent is Philanthropy where he is applying his influence to the improvement of the life of others so that they feel has delivered value to their lives.  He also has the business Pearl of Celebrity where he is automatically regarded as important in what he does  and becomes famous.  It is interesting that he shares this together with the channel of Connecting with Donald Trump.


Scott is still learning about what should be offered to Australians by the government so it will be interesting to see how he is regarded by the public in the next few months.